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Exso Executive Search online is a global leadership executive search portal dedicated to providing its users with the most suitable executive search firms for their distinct search assignments. Using trustworthy news and media platforms such as, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Hunt Scanlon Media, etc., we are able to provide our users with the most current and reliable developments in the human capital sector worldwide. We also ensure that our email subscribers are kept weekly up-to-date on the latest news concerning business, executive MBAs, politics, technology and media. 

An online portal that provides our executive clients with the necessary leadership tools and information they may need to secure the career position where their executive talent is magnified and maximized.

We also provide our email subscribers with reliable ranking lists of Executive Search firms and EMBAs. These lists are made available to help firms or executives faster find the most suitable executive search firm for their specific search assignments. Explore our diverse categories and come a step closer to finding the right firm for you.


"Overqualified" is a nonsense term

Don’t miss out on good talent by seeing them as overqualified.

By Dr M Amr Sadik

Predictors of a successful executive career

U.S.executives suggested that demographic, human capital, motivational, and organizational variables explained significant variance in objective career success and in career satisfaction.


This paper argues 
the current discourses and description of ‘talent’ and the challenge of finding it fail to do full justice to the complexities of contemporary elite markets

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